ADAM (Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing)

At the intersection of 3D printing and metal injection moulding, ADAM is an all new way to build metal parts.

Everything you need to go from design to fully functional metal parts in under 24 hours — the Metal X 3D print system is an end-to-end manufacturing solution.

Based on composite 3D printing technology, the Metal X is a brand new kind of 3D printer. By printing metal powder bound in a plastic matrix it eliminates the safety risks associated with traditional metal 3D printing while enabling new features like closed-cell infill for reduced part weight and cost.

STAINLESS STEEL:-   17-4 Stainless Steel & 316L Stainless Steel
ALUMINIUM:-              6061 Aluminium & 7075 Aluminium
INCONEL:-                   IN Alloy 625
TOOL STEEL:-             A-2 Tool Steel
TITANIUM:-                 Ti-6Al-4V