3D printing in the Oil & Gas Industry

3D printing in the Oil & Gas Industry and 3D printing in Angus.
3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) hasn’t been fully embraced by the Oil & Gas industry as other industries have, but this I believe is changing as designers and manufacturers see the benefits this technology can bring.
The benefits 3D printing brings will transform the manufacture of low volume, bespoke, high value manufactured components we see day to day in the Oil & Gas industry.
3D Printing in the Oil & Gas industry is being discussed later this month which will look at design requirements, materials, process development, component manufacture, and validation, so progress is being made and I expect the Oil & Gas industry will follow other industries like Medical, Dental, Aerospace, Automotive, and benefit from this technology.
Angus 3D Solutions Ltd with its 3D Scanning & 3D Printing services will be positioned to support companies located in Angus, Aberdeenshire and further afield in this technology.