Vacuum Casting

Our Vacuum casting system is versatile and capable of producing parts in a variety of Polyurethane resins and nylons. This producing high quality parts that closely replicate injection moulded parts, without the associated long lead times and tooling overheads.
This process is ideal for the creation of prototypes and low-volume production parts or to produce high quality wax masters used in the investment casting industry.
• This process and benefits are:-
• Lower cost for moulds compared against injection moulding
• Moulds can be made in a few days
• Parts produced are highly accurate with excellent surface texture
• Many types of polyurethane resins are available for casting, including over moulding
• Rapid Prototypes:- Fit, Form & Function
• Short Production Runs
• Models
• Rubber Components
• Marketing and sales aids
• Market and Customer evaluations & testing


The Process

  1. A master model is created. This can be the original component or a model 3D printed from a CAD file.
  2. We then in case this master model in silicone under vacuum to remove all the air and then cure this in an oven to set the mould.
  3. We then remove the master from the silicone mould and prepare the mould to be used in the Vacuum Casting machine.
  4. The required resin is added and mixed under vacuum in the machine, then automatically poured into the silicon mould. Once completed the mould is moved to an oven to be cured.
  5. Once cured the produced part is removed from the mould and steps 3-5 is repeated to produce the remaining quantities.