The scanning equipment and software we use allow us to offer a high level of accuracy (microns) and also produce these scans in colour. This is a mobile service so we can take scans of objects in situ that cannot be easily moved. For smaller items these can be sent to us for scanning in-house at our premises.

By using 3D scan data, a physical object can be translated directly to the engineering phase of a project and moved on from there. 3D scan data is often used to perform CFD, CAE, FEA and other engineering analysis on objects that have been manufactured and then physically modified.

This is of special interest to anyone involved in restoration work or in the manufacture of replacement parts that are no longer readily available. (Vintage vehicles for example)

We can supply you with the scans in order for you to make modifications or we can utilise them directly.

Call direct or complete the enquiry form as we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Scanner Video 1 

Scanner Video 2