Angus 3D Solutions provide an on demand parts service which has changed the way product development and manufacturing professionals source parts, enabling buyers to get quick, custom generated quotations for the production of parts, anywhere in the UK.

At Angus 3D Solutions we can utilise the scans produced from our scanning service or from your supplied 3D CAD files or drawing. Thus allowing us to 3D print these parts in various materials by using a selection of different processes. We can provide this service as we have access to both our own equipment and a network of 3D printing services around the UK that allows us to meet your specific needs.

With in-house rapid manufacturing systems Angus 3D Solutions can provide a quick & easy route to all types of machines using over 100 materials.

There are five ways that we can print…

  1. SLA (Stereolithography) where we cure photopolymer liquids with a laser to make parts.
  2. SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) where a laser accurately melts nylon powder in 0.1mm layers.
  3. FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) is a process of heating ABS, PLA or Nylon material through a heated nozzle.
  4. Multi Material 3D Printing is the process of simultaneously jetting multiple types of materials to create a single component.
  5. DMP and DMLS (Direct Metal Printing or Direct Metal Laser Sintering) is printing components from metal powder in 40 micron layers using a laser.

Find out about the materials we can print by calling us to discuss as more are being added regularly or press Materials


Before we can print parts, we need a 3D CAD file. The main format we use is .STL, when we receive your file it is reviewed and checked before being quoted. After you place your order the .STL files are then sliced into layers and sent directly to our 3D printers which will print each slice, layer by layer, to make a complete part/component.

When requesting a quote please provide details of the quantity, material (if known), and end use of the printed part as this will enable us to identify the best process to create your print.

Fill out the Get in Touch form and request your free sample.

If you have any queries regarding this service please call 07471 816347 and speak to a member of our team.

Benefits of 3D Printing