Are you moving from Prototype to Production?

You will be faced at some point to move from the Prototype stage to the Production phase. This can be daunting as it bring additional challenges as it is never as easy as simply ordering more prototype product. Your Production product may not be even made in the same manner as the Prototype. This may mean moving from using digital technology like 3D printing to traditional methods of manufacture like injection moulding or good old turning & milling.

Demand /Quantity has a major influence on what method is selected for the Production method. If you are only producing a low volume then you may ‘stick’ with the method used during prototyping. However, when it comes to reproducing your product in volumes of hundreds, thousands or even millions then the method will change. These demand considerations have to be in your mind even at the prototype stage to ensure the design can be re-produced in whatever method is used in the future.
Angus 3D Solutions Ltd can help you through these crucial stages to ensure the process from Prototype to Production is as smooth as possible, reducing ‘Time-to-Market’, ‘Mitigating Risk and ‘Saving Money’ throughout the process. Thus providing a complete Prototype to Production Solution throughout your product life cycle.