At Angus 3D Solutions Ltd recognise some companies don’t have the resources or the experience to manage the manufacturing function or sourcing. We created our Manufacturing & Sourcing service to allow our customers free up valuable internal resources by having us handle this for them and in most cases reducing their sourcing costs.

With many years of manufacturing experience, you can hand over your manufacturing sourcing requirements with confidence knowing your requirements are met throughout the sourcing process.

Simply, once you have designed / modelled your parts, created prototypes to check fit, form and function and are ready to put these in to production we can source manufacturing capacity / resources from our large network of partners both here in the UK and throughout Europe and Asia.

Using this service allows you to have the full products manufacturing life cycle handled in one place, this reducing again the development time to get your product to market and reducing costs.

Give us a call to discuss how we can reduce your manufacturing costs.