Why 3D Printing

Firstly, how does 3D printing work?

The principle is similar to the traditional ink-jet printer you use for printing ink on paper. The main difference being the ink printers only print one level and 3D printing print several plastic or rubber (even metal) layers producing a part with depth. (The 3rd dimension).

The printer head works back and forth over each of these layers depositing the material in micron layer by layer until the model is completed.


The main benefit of 3D printing is in allowing a design to come to life in a matter of hours from a digital file from your computer. This allowing you to hold a physical part in your hand to help communicate the idea or design and making it far easier to pitch your idea to potential investors.


Why use 3D printed concept models?

        Get concept models faster and at a lower cost

        Go from on-screen idea to product in your hands in days

        Make design decisions faster, and get to market sooner

        Evaluate more design iterations, and make better products

        Skip the labour and cost of prototype creation

        Free time for product improvements

        Show your product ideas to customers before you commit to full manufacturing

        Sell and take orders based on printed models (reduced inventory)


Why use 3D printed functional prototypes?

        Speed up product development

        Fast production of your test models

        Make design changes faster and speed up time to market

        Improve product quality with multiple test cycles that lead to designs that work

        Rely on real factual test data, not on simulations

        Stay flexible in your product development process

        Test last-minute improvements economically and quickly

        Accuracy: true-to-CAD parts, consistently.

        Feature resolution and surface finish: the finest feature details, the sharpest edges and the smoothest surface quality are preserved.